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The Golisano Children’s Hospital in SouthWest Florida welcomed a generous donation from the Owner of EZ-On BaBeez, Julieta Recometa, earlier this month.  Over 240 baby body suits or ‘onesies’ were donated to this very special hospital after a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indieogogo.

Julieta set out not only to revolutionize the baby clothing industry with this re-design of the traditional ‘onesie’ but also to give back to local communities around the world. Local News Channel Wink News was there to capture this wonderful moment.

Julieta also paid a special visit the Destiny Diaper Bank in Ft. Myers Florida to donate around 120 more of EZ-On BaBeez baby body suits to help young student Mothers who are in need of diapers, clothing, strollers and more.  This generous donation will help these Mom’s to keep their babies dry and warm!  Here is an interview with the owner and operator of the Destiny Diaper Bank, Rebecca Hines.

EZ-On BaBeez revolutionary baby body suits are changing how we change diapers.  With the front soft velcro opening and the wet-proof liner these babies will be the envy of parents and grandparents around the world! Please help to support this start up and order EZ-On BaBeez for your next baby shower or Christmas gift by visiting their Indiegogo In Demand Campaign today!  EZ Tw yellow swipe

Please visit Golizano Children’s Hospital’s donation page to help babies who need your TLC today!

To donate to the Destiny Diaper Bank in SouthWest Florida Click Here


3 thoughts on “Local Ft. Myers Start Up Offers Generous Donation to Golisano Children’s Hospital

  1. I was able to get a set of these new ‘onsies’ from the Indiegogo campaign and I’m telling you, it almost makes me want to have another baby! Well, almost… 😉 Truly though, I sure wish these were available when my kids were in diapers. I’m excited to be gifting the ones I purchased to my new Grand Nephew… due in February!


  2. Such an amazing product and even better for this company to donate to such a great cause! I believe this is something I’d like to support!


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