In the first two hours of the launch of Easy Breezy Messenger Bag by Net Effects Traders on Kickstarter, Net Effects reached their campaign goal of $20,000.  Within the first week this special campaign is currently at $41,967.00.  Launching any product on a Crowdfunding site is not an easy task.  In fact up to 60% of campaigns launched on either Kickstarter or Indiegogo do not get funded and are left without enough capital to get started.  The Easy Breezy Messenger Bag was a great success in a very short time and they have reason to celebrate!  Why?  Ardi and the team at Net Effects Traders have a big mission to change the lives of the underprivileged people of Cambodia by helping them create jobs by making bags that are designed by hand from repurpose industrial net remnants so you can rest easy that your purchase is eco-friendly and zero waste. Their unique net fabric means the Easy Breezy is water resistant, durable and can go anywhere anytime. And the Easy Breezy is free of lead, toxins or hazardous dyes.


Ardi and Ladies

These women are given new hope for a brighter future with our help and that is the real story behind the Easy Breezy Messenger Bag.  Being disabled it is difficult to support your family anywhere but now these women have a chance to learn a new trade and to create these beautiful bags for the world to use and enjoy.  When you carry your belongings in one of these bags you will feel very special because you know it was made with love and care by someone you personally helped to change their lives.

Peace Handicraft of Phnom Penh has been supporting the people of Cambodia and has partnered with Net Effects to help make the Easy Breezy Bag possible. Peace Handicraft is a talented and experienced Cambodian company and that has been training and providing fair wage jobs to polio and landmine survivors, hearing impaired and impoverished moms for over a decade.

Meet Phan Tha – Disabled Worker

Meet Chun Lang – Disabled Worker

You can see more stories of the lives the Easy Breezy Bag is changing and know that your pledge on Kickstarter is helping people around the world by visiting the kulaBrands™ YouTube page.

To order your Easy Breezy Messenger Bag through Kickstarter and help impact more lives please visit the Net Effects Campaign.

Easy Breezy Campaign


It has been a pleasure getting to know Ardi and seeing the videos from these women who’s lives are being impacted by such a wonderful cause.  I hope you will pledge to help these women and feel amazing knowing that you changed a life somewhere maybe even half way around the world!













7 thoughts on “KickStarter Campaign Raises Over $40,000 For The Disabled in Cambodia

  1. This project means so much! Not only do we get an awesome product, but we help the Cambodian women forge a new life for themselves! What a wonderful opportunity to take care of their families! I am so honored to be a part of this project!


  2. This Story, Tore at My Heart Strings, We are Making a Difference in The Lives of These Women and Their Families. If You’ll at Least Watch Some of the Videos, that Kelly put On Her Blog, I Believe it’ll Move You to Take Action. I Love the Bags that These Women are Producing, and Am glad I Can Do My Small Part to Help. You to Can Help!!
    #BeTheChange #BeTheHero #MakeADifference
    Much Love, Michael

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