Ardice Farrow, Founder and Director, of Net Effects Traders went on a mission to Cambodia to help the people there.  What Ardice found was mothers combing the streets to recycle trash to support their families.  Here in America we have poverty too but we also have  opportunity.  Now thanks to Ardice the women of Cambodia have an opportunity to work in the fashion industry to support their families.  These women now go to work every day creating beautiful hand-made bags from all recycled materials.  All the bags are hand crafted and sown in beautiful designs with no additives or color.  The women layer netting to create color and every stitch is hand sown with love.

Ardice brought her wonderful business Net Effects Traders and the Easy Breezy Messenger bag to the community at kulaBrands™ to see if they would help support with launching these bags out into the world to support these women.  Her idea was so wildly accepted that just during the call alone with Ardice the community pre-pledged over $10,000 towards her $20,000 goal to launch on crowdfunding.  Today the kulaBrands™ community has helped Ardice raise over $25,000 towards her launch!  The Easy Breezy Messenger Bag will launch on KickStarter’s Crowdfunding Platform this week.  Now it is the publics turn to not only purchase one of these amazing bags but to help the women of Cambodia to have hope for the future!

Being a kulaBrands™ Community Member has it’s rewards in dollar amounts but it is a very special community who are genuinely helping inventors or services like Net Effects Traders to change lives around the world.  I’m grateful to be apart of something so special and I hope that after reading this you will order your Easy Breezy Messenger Bag to show your support!

Please comment below or email me at to order your bag today.  They will be available once they kick off from the KickStarter platform within the next month or so.  You can pre-order with me and I will send you details.


12 thoughts on “Putting Women to Work in Cambodia in Fashion with Style

    1. Thank you Nicola. It is a great cause and the women there deserve all the credit for making such awesome bags and to Ardice for bringing this to our community so we can get it out to the world!


  1. I will tell you I’m a lover of messenger bags..because I work on the go! And this one is amazing…even more so when I learned the story behind it and the cause it stands for! Cannot wait to be a part of the story and get this amazing bag!


  2. Thank you for sharing, I would love one of bags, it will come very handy for me and my daughter too for uni, and also helping those women in Cambodia is an extra bonus that I would love to part of too 😃


  3. I wear out computer bags. I can’t wait to receive my Easy Breezy Bag because it is a superior quality bag which will last a long time. Plus supporting this company supports a whole village of people who at one time had to struggle just to find food. Now they are proud workers and sew these great bags to earn a living.


  4. I’m excited to be a part of this and to soon receive my Easy Breezy Messenger Bag. Thank you for sharing this exciting opportunity to help women in Cambodia!


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