Have you ever had an idea for a product or service but didn’t have the capital to make it happen?  Maybe you’ve been told about crowdfunding and getting financial backers with brokers or investors.  Taking a product into the market is no easy task.  Even if you get funding from a platform like Kickstarter or Indiegogo where do you go from there?  There are logistics and legal matters to tend to, launching, branding, marketing, and sales to think of.  How will you handle all of this if you’ve not done it before or without a team of people to help you?

There is a better way to get your project or service launched into the marketplace utilizing a team of business people who know how to get things done along with a community of thousands who are there to back you up every step of the way!  kulaBrands™ is a patent-pending business model where community meets inventor.  There is no start up investment on your part.  Peter Gantner and the team as well as the thousands of community members invite investors, creative artists, and entrepreneurs to join forces in a unique collaboration model to launch new products as well as their respective companies.

The kulaBrands™ Community provide you with crowdfunding, direct sales, and go beyond targeted funding goals with every product launched.  By the time your product or service launches on Kickstarter or Indiegogo our community of backers has already hit or exceeded your targeted funding goals.  Imagine launching on a platform with thousands of backers already behind you before it even hits the public.  You will be off to an amazing start!

Take the Easy Breezy Messenger Bag by Net Effects Trading.  This stylish, eco-friendly messenger bag was created to help women in Cambodia with having work to support their families.  With thanks to the kulaCommunity these women will no longer have to scavenge off the streets to feed their families. The goal to launch the Easy Breezy Messenger bag on KickStarter was $20,000.00.  The community raised that in only a weeks time.  Net Effects Easy Breezy Bag will launch on KickStarter or Indiegogo this week or next with $25425.00 already pledged before it is even seen by the public.  Can you imagine having your product already funded before it even goes to a platform?  I hope so because thanks to kulaBrands™ and this willing community it can happen for you.

To learn more about getting your product or idea funded go here and click on Opportunity.  If you want to be a part of the kulaCommunity and earn royalties on every product launched by kulaBrands™ for life go here.  See you on the other side!

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