Illegal possession of guns has been an ongoing issue in the US for many years.  Every day in the news we hear stories of shootings, murder, and robberies.  The question has always been how do we prevent guns from getting into the hands of people who are using them illegally to perform acts of violence?  Is Gun Bail the solution we have been looking for?gunbail-app







What is Gun Bail?

Gun Bail was founded by Trevor Brooks of Baltimore who as an inner city child first possessed an illegal firearm at age 12.  Before the age of 19 Trevor was convicted for the accidental homicide of a neighborhood friend.  Trevor has seen firsthand what happens when someone has possession of such a powerful weapon without exercising the formal process of the second amendment.  He has set out on a mission to change the statistics of our county in this extremely controversial yet very real issue of illegal possession of firearms.  Before continuing this article I would like to state: This project has nothing to do with those who carry firearms legally.

According to Trevor 95% of all inner city homicides are committed with illegal possession of firearms. I have done some searching for stats and found the following very interesting:
Fact: One study of adult offenders living in Chicago or nearby determined that criminals obtain most of their guns through their social network and personal connections.
Sources of guns to dangerous people: What we learn by asking them, Cook, Parker, Pollack, Preventive Medicine, Volume 79, October 2015
Fact: Another city-wide study, this one in Pittsburgh, showed that 80% of people illegally carrying guns were prohibited from possessing guns, and that and a minimum of 30% of the guns were stolen.
Gaps continue in firearm Surveillance: Evidence from a large U.S. city Bureau of Police, Fabio, Duell, Creppage, O’Donnell and Laporte, Social Medicine, Vol 1, 2016
Fact: 86% of juveniles in correctional facilities are reported to have owned a gun at some point, all of which would have been illegal weapons for the juveniles to own. 65% of juvenile offenders tend to own three or more illegal weapons and firearms.
There are far too many statistics to place in one article but I think you get the point of where I’m going with this….
Today I would like to focus on is the impact illegal possession of firearms has on the families of those who are affected by homicides.  When someone commits an act of crime it isn’t always evident they were in the “right frame of mind” when you hear or read about them in the news.  The stories often leave you shaking your head like “what were they thinking?”  While a person is in this state having a firearm and using it to end a life is devastating and impactful on all of us.  We hear stories all the time in the news and we have a choice, we can change the channel or we can make a difference.  Admittedly so, I refuse to listen to the news any more due to this very fact.  I got to a point where I didn’t want to hear about people being killed any more. Thanks to kulaBrands™ backing of the Gun Bail project I’m now choosing to help in making a difference instead of changing the channel.  My choice is driven by the impact on families who have lost loved ones due to homicide with a firearm.  Near and dear to my heart because it happened to a close friends nephew who was only 20 years old.  It was uncalled for and should have never happened.  I won’t go into details but there are many families who are left with this same story who have to live with the fact that someone close to them was taken away because another had a firearm they should not have had and used it to end a life or lately hundreds of lives.
Gun Bail has the potential to greatly diminish the amount of guns which are possessed illegally therefore saving the lives of hundreds if not thousands of people.  Our judicial system is slowly working on prison reform programs to help with turning criminals into law abiding citizens but the process is slow and in the meantime there is the issue of  more and more people sitting in cells because they were arrested on a misdemeanor and can’t afford bail.  By offering these offenders a way to get released by willingly turning over their illegally possessed firearms we are cutting down on the expenses of holding these criminals and saving tax payers money.

GunBail’s App gets the process started easily

Surrendering guns is as easy as taking a picture
Simply take a picture of the firearm from within the GunBail app, specify the inmate and his location, and pay the GunBail Shipping & Handling fee. We’ll send you a GunBail box and tell you where to drop off the firearm, all while granting amnesty during the process.
I am convinced that the benefits of this program outweigh the drawbacks in helping to reduce the possession of illegal firearms in our country but I encourage you to come to this conclusion on your own. Please visit GunBail to see what Trevor and his backers are doing.  If you feel you would like to support this project yourself you can do so by going to the kulaBrands™ kulaFunded page and pre-pledging your support now.

Instructions on Pre Pledging your Support for Gun Bail:

Complete your membership registration (free)
Click on View All Projects (top of page)
Scroll Down to Gun Bail
Click >>Read the Story<<
Select the Pre Pledge which works best for you
Click Here To PrePurchase
Check all the Boxes in the window that appears
Click Submit

The exercise above is your pre-commitment to supporting Gun Bail.  You will not be charged until you receive notification that the project is ready for full release.  Once the project is available for pledging your payment will be processed.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them here and I will monitor and get back to you.  I hope you found this information helpful and I hope to see your pledge to help with this important cause.
Interview with Trevor Brooks on The United News Network

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