Does Your Refrigerator Look Like This?  


I know mine did!  Searching for the cheese to make a sandwich.  Hidden leftovers that I didn’t know were even in there until they were a science project.  Trying to pull out that thing on the bottom of the pile and everything on top falls and goes all over the floor!  I try to stay organized but with todays busy lifestyle once you close the fridge door you can kind of forget about it until you need something else right?

How About Your Cabinets – Do Your Cabinets Look Like This?messy-cabinets

Mine did!  As if cooking isn’t enough, after you need to clean up and put away the leftovers.  Searching for the right container that has enough space for what you need is one thing but finding the cover, oh man, exhausting.  I could spend 10 minutes just trying to find the right cover. Pulling out everything and of course it’s the last one you find!  Then you have to find room in the fridge to put it! Can you relate to the frustration?

I have some good news!  

I met a very smart man named Len Kensey who had a brilliant idea to end the madness of messy refrigerators and cabinets in the kitchen!  Len teamed up with a company called kulaBrands™ to bring this amazing thing called ZipnStore to the marketplace.
Introducing …….

ZipnStore is one of the best inventions I’ve ever had the pleasure of purchasing!

Now instead of my fridge looking like a total mess with science experiments growing it looks like this!  Way better right?  Now when I open my fridge I can see what I have in there.  I don’t have to guess how long something has been in there because I can put the date right on the baggie.  How awesome is this?


And what about my cabinets?

Thanks to Len and ZipnStore they now look like this!
No more searching for the right container.  No more searching for the right cover. No more trying to stuff things in the cabinets when I know that as soon as I throw it in there something else is going to fall out.  So I’d just hope for the best and run!  Now all of my spices, cereal, and kids treats are all hung very nicely right where I can see them.  When I need something I just pull out the rack, make my selection, push it back in and I’m done!

Now I know what you may be thinking…. Putting leftovers in a baggie is pretty tricky!  You try to hold the bag open and pour the contents in without spilling.  The baggie folds over or closes and BOOM you have a huge mess on your counter!  I know, I know, I’ve been there too.  Not to worry because Len thought of that too.  Thats why he also invented a really cool mat on a stand so you can just pour, store, and be done!colapsable-holder


Seriously Len even gave thought to storing leftovers in the freezer! You know how you want to freeze stuff but if you freeze it all together it will be too much food when you unthaw it?  This super cool portion divider really made my day 🙂  Now I don’t have to worry any more about having the right amount of food for dinner.  I can pull out what I need and put the rest back.  Thanks Len!
I am one happy camper with my ZipnStore set.  I needed to show it off to the world because it made my life so much easier and I know it will make your life easier too.  I included the ZipnStore video because it explains more about it.  I hope you can take a few minutes to check it out.  Oh yeah also, you can’t get the ZipnStore in stores yet so I’m leaving a link below where you can go to see all the options Len and ZipnStore have created and so you can get yours today.

To Purchase Your ZipNStore Now Click The Button Below To Order


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