Wouldn’t we all love to have passive income in our bank accounts?  This magical money that comes in while we sleep, play, and go about our busy lives. It doesn’t just have to be a dream but you do have to know what it is and how you can have it.

What is passive income?  Passive income is earnings an individual derives from a rental property, limited partnership or other enterprise in which he or she is not actively involved.  So if you are not involved how would you earn income?  Answer: With reverse royalties it is very easy!  Get Involved Today!
Reverse Royalties with kulaBrands™ are royalties collected on a product or service by the inventor or company who has brought their product or service to market through crowdfunding.  It’s like when a songwriter collects a royalty from an album except reverse it and the songwriter is paying you just for helping them bring the song to the market.  You help them once, they pay you for the life of the product or service!
How does this work?  With kulaBrands™ an inventor or service presents their idea to the board.  If the board decides they want to work with you they will then present your idea to the Community.  The community will pre-pledge on your product or service to help with the cost of getting your product or service to market.  Your product or service is then pushed to a crowdfunding site like Indigogo or KickStarter where the community there will also pledge funds.  When your product or service reaches its goal it is then brought to the market place.  This is all done with NO COST to you.  To find out more visit kulaRegistration.
As a member of the kulaBrands™ Community you have many options to earn passive income!  This community has so much passion for the products they bring to market that often times the amount of money an inventor or business need to get their product to market is raised within days, even before it goes to the crowdfunding sites! Here is an example of a product that raised over $10,000 on a team call that was only an hour long!  Ardice Farrow started a company called Net Effects Traders when she went to Cambodia and saw what the women there were doing just to survive!  Many were collecting trash off the streets to help their families.  She knew they needed a way to create jobs and to earn money to feed their families.  Now thanks to Ardice and the kula Community these women have a chance to work and support their families by designing the Easy Breezy Messenger Bag!  When the community heard this story and saw the Easy Breezy Messenger Bag they started pre-pledging on it right away.  When the call started the pledges were at $1050.  When the call ended the pledges were at $10500!!!  Ardice needed $20000 to bring this dream to life.  That was only three days ago!  As of today Ardice has $17385 already raised before her product even goes to the crowdfunding site.  The power of this community to bring ideas to life is beyond anything out there today.  Many inventors bring products to Crowdfunding and less than a third of them raise enough capital to continue.  kulaBrands™ increases the success rate exponentially with the power of the community.
This community is so passionate about what we are doing to make a difference in the world and we would love to extend an invitation for you to join us today!  There are many ways to help with products and to earn that passive income you have always dreamed about.
How To Earn Lifetime Residual Income with kulaBrands™.  Whenever a kulaBrands™ supported product makes a sale, anywhere in the world, kulaBrands™ Members earn a Reverse Royalty, as long as they supported that product in at least one of the three kulaBrands’™ pools:
  • Crowdfunding Pool – Back the inventor through crowdfunding.
  • Branding & Marketing Pool – Social media marketing
  • Sales Pool – Sales through Members’ ecommerce store
kulaBrands™ is not Network Marketing but it is a home-based business opportunity.  You are not required to build a team to earn income.  You are not required to sign up for monthly auto-ships in order to earn an income.  You are a part of a community that is working to help inventors and ideas come to fruition.  This is a rewarding opportunity but not a rewards-based opportunity.  Feel free to move about the community!  To learn more about kulaBrands™ and start earning residual income now click here
Looking forward to meeting you in the kulaCommunity!

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